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July 22 – The Federal Minster for the Environment and Climate Change responded to our request for a Federal Impact Assessment. No – not needed.

“I am of the view that the existing regulatory frameworks are well placed to do so”.

Just to be clear – the Federal Minister is taking the position that the Ford Government’s framework to protect the environment in the face of transit development is the right thing to do. That is the Ford Government who has pushed TRCA out of its governance and permit role. Metrolinx is only answerable to the Ford Government and that is good enough for the Liberal Federal Govt. As a reminder – this is the expansion of diesel trains, to service land use change from farmland to low density housing, to park these trains in a urban parkland, that is a flood plain.

July 11, the HMBGs (Half Mile Bridge Gang) set up in the Valley along with Don’t Mess With the Don. We got about 200 signatures supporting the request for a Federal Impact Assessment and helped a lot more see where the actual site is. Look for the lawn signs in your neighbourhood.

July 11 – in the Valley at the site.
First batch of lawn signs – popular item
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